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Overland Park Home Inspection

Overland Park Home Inspection

The purpose of a thorough home inspection is to ensure that Overland Park home buyers know exactly what a home’s condition is prior to completing the transaction. A good Overland Park home inspection should include an evaluation of the foundation, framing, roofing, site drainage, attic, plumbing, heating, electrical system, fireplaces, chimneys, pavement, fences, stairs, decks, patios, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors and built-in appliances. All significant or pertinent findings should be reported in writing to the prospective Overland Park homebuyer. The home inspection report gives the Overland Park homebuyer the information he or she needs to determine whether to buy the property as is or to ask the seller to make repairs.

In most cases, when an Overland Park homebuyer makes repair requests, sellers usually agree to some if not all of the conditions. However, the Home Inspection Report is not a list of mandated repairs a seller must make. The responsibility for making needed repairs is a matter of negotiation between the Overland Park homebuyer and seller.

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