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The LuxE Project is a great opportunity for licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers who list luxury homes to reach international buyers. Listing your luxury home on this Website is Free.  You only pay a small referral commission when your listing sells. The LuxE Project is a liaison of agents and brokers who specialize in the Luxury Home Market.  Barbi Leonard in Florida, Missouri and Kansas, Sheral DeVaughn in Missouri and Kansas and Ruth Kirchmann who is licensed in Florida and Germany.  


Please Print and Fax this form to 
Barbi Leonard  913-385-1216
Sheral DeVaughn 816-623-9607

We will contact you and enter your Luxury Home Listing into 
our national database of Luxury Homes

This commitment is made between Barbi Leonard, Sheral DeVaughn and Ruth Kirchmann, all licensed real estate agents, (Marketing Agents) and:

Listing Agent/Broker:_____________________________________________

Company Name:_________________________________________________


City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________

Direct Phone:____________________  E-mail:_________________________

Business Phone:______________________  Fax:_______________________


This commitment form is to serve as written authorization for Marketing Agents to advertise the above listing agent’s/broker’s specific properties, (property address listed below) on our websites, and any other form of marketing, i.e. magazines, publications, etc. at Marketing Agents expense.  The listing agent also agrees to send all photos, full MLS listing and any other pertinent information that may enhance the marketability of the property.

In exchange, the listing agent agrees to add and as “back links” to personal web pages. 

Upon execution of a sales contract and following closing, for any property that the Marketing Agents refer, the above Agent/Broker agrees to pay a 35% referral fee from the buyer’s side of the commission.

No referral fee will be paid when Marketing Agents are representing the buyer.

If the referred client comes from Marketing Agent Ruth Kirchmann, the above Agent/Broker agrees to pay the 35% referral fee to Labusch-Immobilien, Munich, Germany.

If the referred client comes from either Marketing Agent Barbi Leonard &/or Sheral DeVaughn, the above Agent/Broker agrees to pay the 35% referral fee to Barbi Leonard at Illustrated Properties, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Likewise, if a licensed Agent/Broker refers a client to Ruth Kirchmann to purchase a property in Europe, upon completion of an executed contract, Labusch-Immobilien will pay that Agent/Broker a referral fee of 35%.

Alterations or revisions to the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon additional written order and approval by all parties.

Property Information-

Listing Address:________________________________________

Subdivision/Community Name:_____________________________

City, State, Zip:_________________________________________

Website for the listing:____________________________________

Listing Date:___________________________________________

I accept this referral, and when the sale is consummated, we agree to the above referral fees and those conditions.

Licensed Agent &/or Broker Signature: _________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________________




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