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Just what are the characteristics of a luxury home?  Well, Webster defines luxury as “a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort : sumptuous environment : something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.

 We agree wholeheartedly!  We want to make sure you get the “great ease and comfort in a sumptuous environment” that you deserve and require.  We also want to make sure you get all the little extras that are so important and of course, different, for everyone.

 Luxury Homes differ depending on the country, the size and amenities that are offered.  However, the location pretty much defines a property’s value.  Homes, condos or land with views, especially waterfront properties, and properties near or on a golf course are considered luxurious.   Excellent school districts might also be classified as Luxury real estate based on their location and owing to their high value.

 In the United States, homes worth more than $1 million are generally classified as Luxury homes except that in some areas, especially in California, ordinary tract homes can sell for $1 million or more.  The luxury home market on the east and west coasts are made up of homes with higher price tags.  The Luxury home classification also takes into account a home’s historical significance, the home’s custom features, amount of land and the value of surrounding properties, and the absence of crime and unwanted commercialization.

Agents and brokers who handle Luxury homes and Luxury Real Estate have a greater responsibility than most.  They must have a reputation for performance and experience with high-end properties.  They must also advertise and network to a worldwide audience, be able to handle greater legal responsibilities and possibly work with attorneys, trusts and privacy issues.

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