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Check Your Home's
Salability Index

In addition to comparable sales and current market trends, a home's physical condition must be taken into pricing decisions.  This section makes it easy for you to determine your home's Salability Index so that you can factor this in to your pricing decision.  This is also a helpful tool for buyers to use when considering a home to purchase.

1. How is Your Home's Curb Appeal?
Prospective buyers make instant judgments about real estate from their car. Homes that are welllandscaped, clean, freshly painted and free from obvious defects sell faster and for more money than homes with poor Curb Appeal.

Rate Your Home's Curb Appeal
Could Use Some Work
Needs Extensive Work

2. Interior Charm
Once inside a home, prospective buyers zoom in on clutter, walls that need paint, floors that need cleaning, pet odors and dark, gloomy rooms. 

Rate Your Home's Interior Charm
Could Use Some Work
Needs Extensive Work

3. Yard Work
When prospects see weeds, overgrown shrubbery, rubble and rubbish in the back and side yard areas they visualize all the work that goes along with the property.  Messy yard areas detract from the beauty of your home and make it harder to sell.

Rank The Appearance of Your Yard
Could Use Some Work
Needs Extensive Work

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